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Academic - online:

  1. Bronchiolo alveolar carcinoma- A Report of seven cases with radiologic- pathologic correlaton and review of literature.

  2. Case Report: Benign Hemorrhagic Adrenocortical Macrocysts – A Rare Manifestation Of Beckwith -Wiedmann Syndrome In A Newborn.

  3. Letters to the Editor - Cerebral Toxoplasmosis in a Patient with AIDS.

  4. Imaging spectrum of bronchial carcinoid--a case of central bronchial obstructing lesion.

  5. Online, open access journals: the only hope for the future.

  6. Open Access Publishing in the Developing World:making a difference.

  7. Solitary Lung Cyst with A Mycetoma - A Rare Pulmonary Manifestation of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (Lung India).

  8. Ten commandments of Scientific Research.

  9. ‘Politics determines medical technology’.

Academic - Non online:

  1. Benign Fibrous Tumour of the Pleura.

  2. Intrathoracic Rhabdomyosarcoma.

  3. Leiomyoma of Trachea presenting as Bronchial Asthma.

  4. Ultrasound diagnosis of Malignant rhabdoid tumour of the kidney

  5. World Radiographic day -Presentation

General articles-Non online:

  1. Article published in YATHRA on youth hostels.

  2. Published in Sasthrgathi 2010.

  3. Medicine is politics.

  4. Endosulfan Report.

  5. PVR on kozhikode.

  6. Article published in Chithrabhumi aug 2009 on Michael Jackson.

  7. Article published in Chithrabhumi Dec 2009 on London International Film festival

  8. College magazine.

  9. IMA kozhikode

  10. The Calicut Medical College Alumni Association

  11. Letters to the Editor- Malayalam Weekly

  12. Kozhikode - Glimpses into history and medical heritage

  13. Heritage of Trivandrum










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